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1. You could list your real estate for sale in the traditional way. Engage an agent, sign a listing agreement, agree to pay a commission, typically 6% of the selling price.

2. Your listing will be posted in a Multiple Listing Service and will appear on Realtor.com, the property search website of the National Association of Realtors.

3. From there it will be picked up by Zillow, Trulia and several other nationwide real estate search sites on the Internet.

4. Or you could post your property for sale directly on Zillow, etc. or on a For Sale By Owner website. Your property will be on the Internet where it can be seen by anyone searching, but you have not committed yourself to pay a commission.

5. At some point in the process you could decide to let a broker help you sell your property. Since the broker has no up-front expenses in listing and advertising your property, you can agree on a fee for services based on what the broker does for you.

6. You could, for instance, agree for the broker to show your unlisted property to a prospective buyer. If the buyer makes an offer you could agree for the broker to prepare the paper work, collect an earnest money deposit, assist you in negotiations, submit your sales contract to a closing attorney for title work, and follow up with the buyer on his or her mortgage loan application.

7. In other words, you could obtain as little or as much service as you want from the broker at an appropriate fee. In my case that can range from a voluntary gratuity for a small service up to a maximum of 4% for full service as noted above. You decide.

8. Michael Dixon, broker. 229-924-3089


Alternative Real Estate Marketing - Gratuities



If your home is For Sale By Owner, and you allow me to help you sell it, and you wish to compensate me for my service, just give me a gratuity.

No percentage of the sale price, no particular amount, just whatever you feel comfortable doing.

I'm not still doing business the same way we did it 50 years ago, and neither should you.

Michael Dixon, broker

Advertise your unlisted property free of charge.

At southernhomesforsale.us I advertise selected For Sale By Owner properties free of charge or obligation. Attractive properties enhance my website and increase the number of views. Contact me about your property for sale. 229-924-3089  

I help owners sell their unlisted properties by taking pictures and posting them and descriptions on southernhomesforsale.us.

For example, see "Country Quiet in Schley County, Ga." This is a 295 acre tract of rolling, wooded land with sprngs and streams. Includes an early 1900s vintage house with metal roof, updated for modern country living, plus an old country store and a small "courthouse" - a unique property with a history.    

Another property: A beautiful working horse farm is for sale in Sumter County, Ga. It consists of 82 acres, barn and other buildings, is fenced and cross fenced. Also, the owner's home is included in the price of $750,000, but possibly could be cut out if a buyer did not want to include it. Call me if interested. 229-924-3089    

If you prefer, list your property at a negotiable flat fee. See my post on the subject for details. Go to southernhomesforsale.us.  






See southernhomesforsale.us for For Sale By Owner properties and helpful information for buyers and sellers.  

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